imapd dies when connecting with Mozilla-1.6beta Mail IMAP account

Ken Murchison ken at
Sun Jan 4 11:06:28 EST 2004

Hajo Beckefeld wrote:

> Thanks for the very fast reply!
>>> Hi List!
>>> I'm running a cyrus IMAP server 2.1.16 on an Linux 2.2.25 machine.
>>> When I try connect from an Mozilla 1.6/1.7 IMAP client, I can't 
>>> establish the connection. The log just says:
>>> Jan  4 13:52:43 jinn master[12215]: about to exec /usr/cyrus/bin/imapd
>>> Jan  4 13:52:43 jinn imap[12215]: executed
>>> Jan  4 13:52:43 jinn imapd[12215]: accepted connection
>>> Jan  4 13:52:50 jinn master[2293]: process 12215 exited, signaled to 
>>> death by 11
>> Can you provide a backtrace of a core dump and/or a telemetry log of 
>> the traffic?  Since it looks like its crashing before/during 
>> authentication, you'll need to use something like ssldump (or the 
>> like) to capture the IMAP traffic.
> Yes you're right! The Mozilla mail client is waiting for the 
> authentication!
> I allready looked for a switch in cyrus-imap to enable further logging, 
> is there anything?

Not for pre-authentication traffic.  Are you getting any further info in 
your auth.log?

> I don't know how to get a core dump. I'm not very confirm with that, sorry!
> I just try to post the tcp traffic!

The IMAP traffic should at least tell us what the client is trying to do.

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