imapd dies when connecting with Mozilla-1.6beta Mail IMAP account

Hajo Beckefeld hajo at
Mon Jan 5 17:06:31 EST 2004


> PLAIN works,... well, because it works with saslauthd. You should try 
> and setup CRAM-MD5 or better yet DIGEST-MD5, since they encrypt the 
> password. I'm not sure what your saslauthd is using as a reference 
> mechanism (where it gets USER/PASS from), most likely your UNIX accounts 
> - which is BAD.
Yes, plain works fine now! But important - maybe for others - is that it 
works with mech PLAIN with my configuration and cyrus-sasl-2.1.17.
First Mozilla-1.6 tries to login with CRAM-MD5 - after that fails 
Mozilla makes a PLAIN login.

After writing "sasl_mech_list: PLAIN LOGIN" in the /etc/imapd.conf 
Mozilla just tries a PLAIN login.

> OK, it works, I'll grant you that. But you could give a thought or two 
> to security issues. One quick fix is to setup SSL connections and use them.
> MD5 mechanisms requre user/pass to be stored in /etc/sasldb2 database, 
> which is maintained manually by the admin. This also might not be what 
> you want. If you have a Kerberos service (unlikely), you could try to 
> set it up for your IMAP. But it is a long way and requires patience and 
> endurance. :-)
You're right! I think I'll try to set up my mail server with DIGEST-MD5 
next days!
Here is only one mail user! It's no problem to put me into sasldb2;-)
I drive this machine here just for fun an learning about UNIX/Linux!


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