lmtp read timeout

Lindner lindner_marek at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 5 06:55:02 EST 2004

Matt Bernstein schrieb:

>At 22:27 +0100 Lindner wrote:
>>  1.  -> lmtp read timeout <- What problem is meant ? Postfix is
>>     writing to the unix socket but nobody reads from the socket or
>>     Cyrus is reading from the socket but nobody is writing to it ?
>I've seen this with Exim. Exim sends the DATA phase and never hears back
>from lmtpd. It only happens for specific recipients, so the only effect is
>that mail delivery is stalled for some users. Restarting "master" seems to
>fix it: a bit heavy, but fine for most people, as most IMAP clients just
>re-authenticate. Fussy clients (like mine ;) tell you something's awry.

This is a small internal mail system which is stopped every evening and 
restarted the following morning. Despite of that there is no delivering 
at all.
How do you know Exim never hears back from lmtp ?  I only have the lmtp 
read timeout message. Is there a way to enable more information output ?


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