Questions about authentication

Raine, David DRaine at
Wed Jan 7 11:21:47 EST 2004


>Basically I'm wondering if I can have Cyrus look to the MySQL 
>server for 
>authorization. I know Cyrus looks to SASL, which in turn looks 
>to MySQL 
>(through auxprop), for authentication, and I originally 
>thought I could 
>do this with authorization also. I thought I read somewhere Cyrus IMAP 
>didn't need UNIX accounts to exist, but there may have been a "with 
>Kerberos" part in there, or something similar, that I didn't notice. I 
>actually don't think I let the difference between the two 
>auth's sink in 
>enough at first. Now it looks like I still need a UNIX account 
>for each 
>user, which cramps the virtual host setup (I don't like the whole 
>"user0014" method, but if I have no alternative...). Or maybe I should 
>look into using LDAP or Kerberos, hmmmm.

I use postfix and cyrus 2.2 with sasl/auxprop into mySQl to 
manage virtual domains and users without ever having to 
create unix users. It is all held within mySQL.

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