Problems with lmtp delivery on 2.2.2-BETA

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Jan 8 11:02:05 EST 2004

Matthew Hodgson wrote:

> Looking at the process_recipient() code in lmtpengine.c, I'm not sure 
> that the
> quote-string parsing has been updated fully to reflect virtual domains - so
> I've fiddled around and come up with a version based on the existing 
> code, and
> also a complete rewrite.  I enclose the latter as a patch here; it 
> hasn't been
> rigorously tested (at all), but has fixed my particular problem.  If anyone
> has interest in the other version, just say - any feedback & flames 
> appreciated.

I'm looking at your current patch now to make sure it looks sane before 
I commit it.  If you have an alternate patch, I'd like to see it also.

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