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Denis V. Suhanov den at
Thu Jan 8 10:50:45 EST 2004

Hello Kendrick,

I  have  recentlely  faced the same task and my way of dealing with it
was  pretty  painful.  I tried several different IMAP migration tools,
but   none   wanted   to   work   propertly.  After  several  days  of
experimenting,  I've  just  ended  up  manually  recreating all of the
folders  on  the  new  server  (took  me a long long while though) and
copied  (tar/untar)  the  whole partition/users folder. It worked just
fine.  There  were  only  two  problems  -  first,  all of the message
read/unread  states  were lost, so my users had to mark their messages
as  read  in their mail clients and second, it was damn boring to type
in all the folder names manually. There might be much better solutions
out there, but at least this one worked.

It seems to me that the main reason why tools I tried did not work was
the  altnamespaces  setting  I  have  on. I never spent enough time to
prove it though.

Good luck!

KV> Hi folks,

KV> I've just set up a new machine and have everything working almost exactly
KV> the way I want. I am at the last stage of migrating off an old system. I
KV> often see discussions here about which tools people need to do a proper
KV> migration from one server to another, but apparently my search foo is
KV> kinda weak.

KV> Basically I want to do a copy from IMAP to IMAP, both servers being cyrus
KV> - one version 2.1 and the other 2.2. From the searches I ran it seems that
KV> the general concensus is to use imapcp, however it's homepage seems to
KV> think it's experimental software and it hasn't been updated since august.
KV> I don't mind unsupported, but experimental kinda frightens me :-)

KV> In any case, I tried something similar a long time ago and I remember
KV> having issues with various mailboxes that simply had a crapload of mail in
KV> them. I'm wondering what people's experiences are moving several thousand
KV> messages in one mailbox and 1-500 megs worth of mail for any one folder. I
KV> don't want the script dieing half way through the transfer.

KV> Any pointers to other tools that might fit the bill would be appreciated
KV> too. Thanks much :-)
KV> 			-peace

Best regards,
 Denis                            mailto:den at

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