Is Reiserfs better than ext3

Craig Ringer craig at
Fri Jan 9 09:46:18 EST 2004

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:
> I am having around 2000 users on my cyrus server ( redhat 9.0 ) 
> someone told be I should reformat my partition in Reiserfs rather that
> ext3 and I will get a great perlformance improvement

I noticed a significant performance improvement when moving from ext3 to 
reiserfs, and consider it well worth it. That said, reiserfs doesn't 
play especially well with LVM snapshots, so there's a significant 
downside. Some people swear by XFS - and it /does/ work brilliantly with 
LVM - but there have been reports of unreliability and FS corruption.

Craig Ringer

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