Is Reiserfs better than ext3

Pollywog linux at
Fri Jan 9 11:50:21 EST 2004

On Fri, 09 Jan 2004 08:15:16 -0800
David R Bosso <dbosso+lists.cyrus at> wrote:

> We've been running our ~1200 user server on reiserfs/RedHat for 2 years or 
> so now with no filesystem problems.  In fact everyone I know that uses 
> linux for any purpose uses reiser as their standard fs.  It's been fast and 
> reliable for us.

I believe both Xandros and Lindows install reiserfs as the default filesystem
now and the only problem I had with that was that initrd was being used and
after a kernel compile, the machine would not boot to the new kernel.  It took
me several reinstalls to figure out what the problem was and fix it.  I just
recompiled the kernel with reiserfs support built-in and did away with the


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