Impact of duplicatesuppression in mail delivery performance.

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Fri Jan 9 10:10:46 EST 2004


I am currently investigating performance and scalability issue on a
Murder.  Right now, everything is working smoothly but I am trying to be
proactive as I expect a spike in usage in the coming week.

My question concern potential bottleneck in mail delivery.  The way I
understand it, duplicatesuppression may constitute a bottleneck as
every incoming message have to be checked for in deliver.db and, if
delivered, written to it.  I suppose only a single process at a time can
write to deliver.db, so does this constitute a bottleneck ?  

Is there any gain in performance in setting duplicatesuppression to no ?
What are the implication of doing so, outside of performance ?

Thank you for your insight.

Etienne Goyer                    Linux Québec Technologies Inc.       etienne.goyer at

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