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Sun Jan 11 00:02:49 EST 2004

Nils Vogels wrote:

> Hi all,
> Looking around on various archives and testing out the squatter 
> function, I have found that this function only works if I set the 
> 'squat' annotation on a mailbox.

You don't have to set the squat annotation in order for squatter to work.

> This led me to a small quest of the other possibilities of annotations, 
> such as EXPIRY
> Unfortunately, I have not yet found a list online of all annotations 
> Cyrus supports, and what each annotation does and takes as arguments. 
> Did I stop looking too early, or is this really a big mystery  ? ;-)

The 3 vendor-specific annotations used by Cyrus are all documented in 
the appropriate locations:

squat: squatter(8)
expire: cyr_expire(8), install-netnews.html
news2mail: install-netnews.html

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