Catch all - web-cryadm

Troy McKinnon TroyMcKinnon at
Tue Jan 13 22:08:58 EST 2004

I have a strange problem with 'catchall' and it is most likely I just don't
understand it.

I have found info on it at:

I tried the solution and it didn't change anything for me.  Catchall still
caught ALL.

I have 3 domains set up on my machine.  (Linux suse 9)

I add account to each:

bar at
bar at
bar at

each has it own ip.  (15, 16, 17) respectively... but the machine hostname
is set up as

I also have a mail server configured for each.,, etc

When I set bar at as a catchall. No other accounts get any email. Even
in the and domains.

When I look at the email it is addressed to  someone at but is in the
catchall at  mailbox.

----- I thought ----

that if you did a catch all on a domain it would only catch the email for
undefined address of the type ?

  if I had me at and you at and emailed to nobody at   the
catchall would only get the nobody since it wasn't defined otherwise.

The wierdest part is that the catchall for the @foo domain is catching the
email for @foo2 and @foo3 as well.

Any ideas?

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