maximum recommended mailbox quota?

Larry Greenfield leg at
Mon Jan 26 11:33:20 EST 2004

Attila Nagy wrote:

> Lawrence Greenfield wrote:
>> Unfortunately, there's bug 1212 preventing quotas greater than 2 gb of
>> ram. (You might be able to set them but something is going to mess up
>> later.)
> Is this still the case? And if so, how can 2.2.2 correctly display my 
> 10 GB quota? (I use that with IMP)
> I have no more than 2 GB in that mailbox, but if cyrus stores the 
> value in a small sized variable, I guess it couldn't display the quota 
> correctly.
The quota is stored in kilobytes, so 10 GB < 2^32 KB. However, usage is 
stored in bytes (otherwise we'd have severe rounding problems) so 10 GB 
 > 2^32 bytes.


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