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Jonathan Marsden Jonathan at XC.Org
Thu Jan 15 17:35:07 EST 2004


On 15 Jan 2004, Troy McKinnon writes:

> I also notice that telneting to port 25 is VERY SLOW.
> Does this mean it is more likely a postfix issue vs cyrus etc?
> Anything else I can do to help narrow down and locate the bottleneck?

Delays of about a minute traditionally mean you have a DNS resolution
problem, possibly for localhost or for the server's 'real' hostname.

Can you do 

  ping localhost


  ping `hostname`

at a shell prompt on your server and get rapid results?  If DNS is the
problem, you would see a big delay whle the system tries and fails to
do the DNS lookups of localhost and the host name.

As further confirmation, check that 

  telnet 1

is quickly rejected, but

  telnet localhost 1


  telnet `hostname` 1

get delayed, and then rejected.  That would pretty much confirm it is
a DNS-related issue.

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