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Troy McKinnon TroyMcKinnon at
Fri Jan 16 15:28:32 EST 2004

Please help I am getting desperate :(
I would really appreciate any feedback at how to resolve this issue.

I have tried everything I can think of to speed this up.
It doesn't appear to be a DNS problem.  Telneting to localhost has no issues
at all. Just port 25.

But sending/checking email and even telneting to (port 25 only)
takes over a minute each time.  I think it has to do with the athentication
or something.  Web-cryadm takes over a minute as well when you click
'accounts' or 'add new email' (anything to do with accounts really).  But
listing domains etc is fast.
My http server is plenty fast, and regular telnet and ssh is fine.  This is
why I think it is either cyrus/ mysql or postfix.

I had posted some logs from 1 'check mail' run, and 1 sent email.  If you
look at the timestamps you can see that it is taking over a minute for the

I have tried playing around with httpd.conf and mydomains / virtual domains
I even made sure to put the mysql hash before the postfix virtuals hash.. to
see if it would help.

None of it really solved my issue, it is still REALLY slow.

Appreciate any help.



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> I also notice that telneting to port 25 is VERY SLOW.
> Does this mean it is more likely a postfix issue vs cyrus etc?
> Anything else I can do to help narrow down and locate the bottleneck?
> Cheers

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