LDAP & ptloader Take2

Tim Pushor timp at crossthread.com
Fri Jan 16 23:16:48 EST 2004

Ok, after doing some hunting, I found out that my imapd was not being 
built with the experimental ldap pts module because:

1) For some reason my openldap wasn't installing the liblutil & related 
header files, and
2) the --with-ldap=/usr/local configure option wasn't enough for 
configure to see my ldap libs in /usr/local/lib

After manually copying the liblutil.a and the lutil.h and lutil_ldap.h 
into /usr/local ... and configuring imapd with env "-L/usr/local/lib" 
./configure ..... I was able to build everything.

I am about to start playing with this new experiemental code, but have a 
couple of questions if anyone would be kind enough to answer them...

I see in master/conf/cmu-backend.conf how to run the ptloader. I see the 
directives in imapd.conf.5 to configure the ptloader, but I don't see 
anywhere how I can tell imapd where the socket should exist on the 
filesystem. I can see where to tell ptloader - in the cyrus.conf ...

Also, what happens if the ptloader dies? will master restart it? I am 
assuming group based authorization will fail at that point. Anything worse?

Does anyone have any examples of ldap filters for the ptloader? I am 
currently using the objectclass groupOfNames and multiple  member 
attributes for my users, and my users dn's are uid=xxxx,ou=xxx......

I realize you guys are busy with the 2.2.3 release and theres a lot of 
questions ... so Thanks!


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