Problem With installing IMAPD

Alasdair Hatfield alasdair-hatfield at
Tue Jan 20 06:28:25 EST 2004

Hi Cody

It looks as if you have possibly installed cyrus-sasl in a non-standard 
location. ie you used --prefix. I ran into alsorts of problems wanting to 
install all the applications and utilities in /usr/local instead of using the 
defaults. To get around this one you have described below, I expect, although 
I can't check at the moment, there is a further parameter that can be handed 
to ./configure of imapd telling it where sasl was installed.

> ./configure --help | grep sasl

This should flush it out. Use it giving the right directory, which might be 
the install directory (same as prefix) or the exact location of the sasl.h 
If not it requires manual modifications to the build to point to where sasl.h 
is or installing sasl in the default location.

Good luck

Best regards

On Saturday 17 January 2004 14:07, Cody Harris wrote:
> (Note: I'm not curretly on this list. Please CC any replies)
> I just installed cyrus-sasl-2.1.17 and did an ldconfig. When i went back to
> the cyrus-imapd-2.0.17 and did a ./configure i get:
> checking for dlopen... yes
> checking for sasl.h... no
> configure: error: Cannot continue without libsasl.
> Get it from
> cody at darna:~/operad/cyrus-imapd-2.0.17$
> What's goin on here? Did i skip something?

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