PTS & LDAP Take 3

Tim Pushor timp at
Sat Jan 17 21:08:45 EST 2004

>>I have determined that the way its currently setup (the ldap ptloader)
>>won't do what I want, so I am in the process of rewriting it for my needs.
>Interesting.  Why is that?  (Not using it myself right now, but would
>like to at some point.)
Because it relies on a user having multiple memberof attributes to 
describe their group membership. This is OK if thats how you do group 
membersip, but I already protect various bits of the directory using 
OpenLDAP's group scheme - a seperate group object that contains multiple 
member attributes, each being the DN of the 'subscriber'. I don't want 
to support multiple group schemes if I can at all avoid it.

I hope I didn't come off sounding like a jerk. I really don't mind doing 
the work. It'd be twice as nice if others were interested, but if not 
thats ok too ;-) I'd just like to see the API docs, or at least some 
notes, if they exist. This is one of the major things that I really 
wanted to see in Cyrus (external authorization). I'm excited!


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