PTS & LDAP Take 3

Tim Pushor timp at
Sun Jan 18 01:52:06 EST 2004

Igor Brezac wrote:

>I do not see how this is going to work within cyrus context.  You will
>need to change a lot more than just ptloader/ldap code for this to work.
Perhaps I don't understand everything involved, but ptloader now just 
finds the user record via user defineable filter,  and only cares about 
the memberOf attributes, which it cycles through to find the users group 
membership. What I am doing now is to find the user dn via definable 
filter, then search for that dn in a groups container, and cycle through 
all returned entries, picking the cn of each as the group name. Two ldap 
queries unfortunately, but at least both are equality searches..

>I do not think such docs exist (except for the code itself).  Basically,
>whenever a user logs in, cyrus fetches all groups the user is member of
>(ptloader/ldap does this in your case).  This group list is later used for
>mailbox access (check lib/auth_pts.c).
Thats what I thought as well. I have already written the code the does 
the user group membership check in ldap.c, but when I went to test it 
via cyradm - I created a folder, and tried to set a group:xxx ACL and at 
that exact point the identifier group:xxx was passed into the pts and I 
don't know what to do with it (do we check to see if its a valid group?? 
I didn't see what to do in the original ldap.c code, afskrb.c, or any 
other file. Perhaps I'm thick, but I just wanted to make sure there 
wasn't anything else I was missing before going on).

>You'd be better of writing an ldap authorization module.  Check
>lib/auth_unix.c for an example.
Like I said, I don't think theres any problem with my approach (other 
than it being two ldap queries)  but I'd sure like to know a little more 
about this ptloader subsystem - like what to do with group:xxx entries, 
and anything else other than just raw user/group lookups, and what the 
pts cache actually does.

Also, another interesting thing - it seems that the original ldap.c code 
would return null if it didn't find any memberOf attributes in the user 
record and Authentication would fail!


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