individual User spamassassin settings during lmtp delivery

Romeo Benzoni romeo at
Mon Jan 19 09:53:13 EST 2004


first of all I've to mention that cyrus imap is really a solid and
mature piece of software. good work!
We have quiet a nice setup using sendmail-mimedefang(libmilter)-cyrus on
a linux box working like a charm. In mimedefang I'm doing
virus-filtering and spamchecking using spamassassin. From time to time
user requests to have individual setting for the spamfilter or even have
it completely turned off. As the spamassassin is driven by the libmilter
from sendmail during the smtp dialog it can happen the an email is
destinated for 2 or more users (either by the sending host or through
local aliases or even both). so I can't apply individual spam settings
during the smtp stage.
Some month ago I code a POC in deliver() in lmtpd.c to connect to spamd
(using libspamc) for each individual user (ok you loose the single
instance store feature). this seams to work quiet nice. As I'm quiet a
coward I didn't used this on our production server yet :-). As users
request for such a feature are getting more often I decided to move this
to a higher priority in my list. so now it's on top of it, so i have to
cope with this. I'm intrested in other peoples opinion before I
start doing a production ready implementation.

So my specific questions are:

1. is my approach wide of the mark or are there better, smarter
solutions to achieve this?  (I've read about people doing this using a
deliver wrapper which calls spamassassin and then deliver. but I don't
like this kind of "fork and exec orgies")

2. are there other people which did some work on this topic?

3. would other people be interested in such a feature ?


Romeo Benzoni

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