URGENT, cyrus sais Mailbox doesn't exist

Cristian Livadaru drac3 at vwclub.ro
Mon Jan 19 18:01:00 EST 2004


I realy realy realy need some help
since yesterday my postfix sais:
User unknown in local recipient table

so I tried a manual deliver 
/usr/cyrus/bin/deliver -e -m "foo at bar.com"

+foo at bar.ro: Mailbox does not exist

first question, what is that + in the front of the email ? maybee this is the

if I do a ctl_mboxlist -d then I get all mailboxes dumped, a login works also so
I can login and read my mails. 
and the next weird thing is that I can get mails. The only diference between mee
and the other users is that I have a system account.
I'm not suer if it is a cyrus or postfix problem but I think the deliver should
not return Mailbox does not exist.

I user Cyrus 2.2.2Beta on a debian system.

please please help !

regards, Cris

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