Rejecting clients that are not valid users only

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Jan 20 10:19:03 EST 2004

Paul Bender wrote:
> In order to allow my Cyrus IMAP mail users to send mail from anywhere, I
> have configured sendmail so that any user that authenticates
> successfully using SMTP AUTH is allowed to relay email. Since both Cyrus
> IMAP and sendmail use SASL, my Cyrus IMAP mail users are able to
> authenticate.
> Since most of my Cyrus users send their passwords in the clear, I have
> enabled START_TLS and SSL (using stunnel) in sendmail. Finally, I have
> sendmail listen on the standard MSA port rather than the standard MTA
> port for authenticated access.

FYI, Sendmail can do smtps w/o stunnel.  Add -D_FFR_SMTP_SSL to your 
defines.  When I coded this early on in 8.12, Claus made it an FFR, but 
it should be "standard" in 8.13.

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