Using a SAN/GPFS with cyrus

Prentice Bisbal prentice at
Wed Jan 21 10:00:52 EST 2004

I'm installing Cyrus on a ssytem that will have access to an IBM FAStT 
SAN with GPFS (a parallel filesystem allowing multiple servers to share 
a filesystem on a SAN).

For redundancy, I was thinking of creating the IMAP folder dir and spool 
dir on the SAN and then having two mailservers setup identically using 
cyrus. If the primary server  goes down for any reason, the secondary 
would automatically begin receiving/delivering mail based on the MX 
records in DNS.

Would this present any problems with cyrus if two servers are accessing 
the same directories/files? GPFS should manage file sharing, but I'm 
wondering if there are any know problems with Cyrus in this configuration.

Has anyone done this before?


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