[POLL] Singleinstancestore

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Wed Jan 21 14:21:28 EST 2004

Bill Earle wrote:

> Ken,
> We do NOT use singleinstancestore. We have several partitions for
> spools. Is the feature intelligent enough to determine which spools
> are on the same partition and hardlink those and create individual
> files for spools on separate partitions?

Yes it is, and has been.

> - we use qmail and the deliver program, which is called one
>   recpient, one message at a time, so this may not even effect
>   us either way.

Correct, unless you get multiple recipients on one LMTP transaction, you 
won't see any benefit from SIS.

> We also would prefer to backup the files not a hardlink for restore
> purposes. I don't claim to know what the interaction with TSM and
> files vs. links are, but we are quite happy with files. TSM does an
> incremental forever backup, so only changes are backed up to tape.
> Does anyone know how the following scenario would be handled?

I guess this would depend on how the software archives the hard links.

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