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I too would be interested in the question about "abnormal amount of emails
to postmaster".  We get about 15K a day of these and just recently started
to pipe them into /dev/null.  It is more of a burden to delete them
manually.  Anyone else have high postmaster email counts?


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> Okay, I thought I would pull from the wisdom from the group, but I hope it
> isn't too far off topic.
> We have been using an alias for the root account to get all root destined
> mail to the /var/spool/mail/root mailbox, bypassing the Cyrus system.
> However, our system has grown significantly over the years and now we get
> on average 25,000 messages a day to the root account alone.  Basically,
> we just fire up mailx and delete everything.  If there is anything useful
> in that mailbox, it is doubtful we would have ever found it anyways.
> So, today, I created the user.root mailbox and changed the alias so that
> all the mail can go to it.  I also created a postmaster subfolder and
> directory the postmaster alias to send its mail to root+postmaster.  It
> all works... really works... :)
> It is clear that 99.9% of all our mail is postmaster mail.  It looks like
> it is mostly unknown user mails, over quota mails, connection refused or
> deferred mails, etc.  I know that there may be some important postmaster
> mail that we should keep... obviously, we have been deleting stuff for a
> long time, but it would be nice to not delete blindly and actually keep
> the important messages we should be dealing with.  Incidentally, in the
> last 20 minutes, 300 messages came into the postmaster folder.
> So, the question is, do we just turn off postmaster mail altogether (is
> that actually doable?  maybe by setting PostmasterCopy to nothing?), or
> do I somehow build an intelligent sieve script that throws away most the
> stuff that we think are junk?
> What have you guys done?  I am more interested in the larger email system,
> ones receiving on the order of 500k+ messages a day.  Is it abnormal to
> see such a large volume of postmaster mail like this?  Have any of you
> developed a sieve script that would be useful to the Cyrus community as a
> whole?
> Enquiring minds want to know!
> Thanks for any thoughts on the subject...
> Scott
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