postmaster mail

Pat Lashley patl at
Wed Jan 21 15:52:01 EST 2004

--On Wednesday, January 21, 2004 14:22:33 -0600 Robert Covell <rcovell at> wrote:

> I too would be interested in the question about "abnormal amount of emails
> to postmaster".  We get about 15K a day of these and just recently started
> to pipe them into /dev/null.  It is more of a burden to delete them
> manually.  Anyone else have high postmaster email counts?

I'll bet you're both using Sendmail and have Mailer-Daemon aliased
to postmaster.  If so, change the Mailer-Daemon alias to /dev/null
That should eliminate the various bounce messages without stopping
anything that is actually addressed to postmaster.

(One of the things I like about Exim is that it doesn't use Mailer-
Daemon; and the default handling of undeliverable bounce messages
is much more sane.)


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