listquota user/*

Eddy Beliveau eddy.beliveau at
Thu Jan 22 16:38:59 EST 2004

From: "Ken Murchison" <ken at>
> Check the directory which contains imapd, pop3d, etc.  There be a quota of
cyrquota program.

 Hi! Ken,

Thanks again for your fast reply,

Here is what I'm doing:

$ locate quota | grep cyrus

You are right !   :-)

The directory (/usr/lib/cyrus-imapd) which contains imapd, pop3d, etc.  also
contains the quota utility

and when executing  ./quota  without any parameters, it gives me the quotas
of all my local users...


Here is a second question if you permit:

Is there a way to find the quota of all users on a remote mailstore ?
like   ./quota  -s -u cyradm -p password

I did also tried the following command without any results:
$ cyradm  --user=cyrus
 listquotaroot *
 listquotaroot  user/*

Thanks and have a nice day

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