Old mail rescue - can anyone help ?

Robert Peckham robertpeckham at mac.com
Fri Jan 23 13:20:16 EST 2004

I am a Cyrus user by proxy - it's the email server now built-in
to Apple's Panther (OSXv10.3) Server, so I hope this posting
is allowed !

Early on Monday morning, the Cyrus Mail folders became corrupted
and would not be reconstructed. This was quickly followed by the server
directories corrupting, then mapping errors - the result being a
complete re-install of the entire server from scratch.

However, the server was holding email from the weekend
which is now stuck in the back-up I took prior to the re-install
and needs to be rescued as these are untraceable end-user
enquiries to my client.

Is there a way to re-import this mail into the new mail stores ?
Or at least turn it all into text files for use ?

Under OSX Panther, Cyrus puts incoming user mail in a private
(hidden) spool folder, which nothing can open (as far as I can tell)

Robert Peckham

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