CyrusImapd+sasldb+postfix+smtpauth ...

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Fri Jan 23 16:52:52 EST 2004

>hi guys,
>I own a freebsd virtual server on a known VDS provider... It's a freebsd 
>I use it for web hosting ...
>Yesterday, i did configure Postfix with Smtp Auth with Sasldb...
>And i'm now trying to configure Cyrus-imapd with salsdb...

Im doing a very similiar setup. I'll let you know what I did.
Im assuming you were able to get SMTP AUTH working with Postfix? Ok..

>I did install cyrus-imapd from /usr/ports/mail using the default make 
>options... Without errors...

This could be a problem. If I remember, that version in 
/usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd is an older version. I build cyrus using the 
port in /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd2. You may wanna check into this.

>Here's my /usr/local/etc/imapd.conf
>configdirectory: /var/imap
>partition-default: /var/spool/imap
>allowanonymouslogin: no
>admins: cyrus root
>sieveusehomedir: false
>sievedir: /var/imap/sieve
>sasl_pwcheck_method: sasldb
>( All the other options are commented ( by default ) )

For my pwcheck_method, im using auxprop. Could be the version of cyrus you 
are running though.

>I did create, with saslpasswd, the cyrus user... But i also have a regular 
>user that i created for the Postfix smtp auth with salsdb that was working 
>yesterday for smtp auth...
>When i try :
>#imtest -m login -p imap locahost
>Nothing else than one line is shown...
>And it's waiting...
>A netstat shown that imap is running :
>tcp4       0      0 *.*                    LISTEN
>tcp4       0      0  *.*                    LISTEN
>tcp4       0      0 *.*                    LISTEN
>tcp4       0      0  *.*                    LISTEN
>i know that imtest is connecting to the imap server ...
>tcp4      16      0  CLOSE_WAIT
>tcp4       0      0  FIN_WAIT_2
>I looked through my logs...
>When the imap server starts ( I start it by /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ 
>), it's showing me this:
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41829]: process started
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41830]: about to exec 
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute ctl_mboxlist[41830]: running mboxlist recovery
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute ctl_mboxlist[41830]: DBERROR db3: 
>/var/imap/db/__db.001: No such file or directory
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute last message repeated 3 times
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute ctl_mboxlist[41830]: DBERROR: dbenv->open 
>'/var/imap/db' failed: No such file or directory
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41829]: process 41830 exited, status 75
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41831]: about to exec 
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41829]: process 41831 exited, status 1
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute ctl_mboxlist[41832]: DBERROR: dbenv->open 
>'/var/imap/db' failed: No such file or directory
>Jan 21 17:10:09 pantoute master[41829]: process 41832 exited, status 75
>There's no message in the logs when i connect to the server...
>I tried to solve the problem with dberror... without success...
>I want to use the /usr/local/etc/salsdb.db database ...
>Help is needed :)
>Also... mail sending doesn't work anymore...
>Jan 23 13:12:44 pantoute postfix/pipe[75862]: C79E0153CB: 
>to=<fred at>, orig_to=<root>, relay=cyrus, delay=47396, 
>status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: couldn't connect to 
>lmtpd: Socket is not connected_ 421 4.3.0 deliver: couldn't connect to lmtpd_ )

If you are running both cyrus and postfix on the same server, I would 
recommend using lmtp for delivery. I have had zero problems with this 
method so far, and it is much faster. As if you specify mailbox_transport = 
cyrus, it will look in for cyrus, which envokes the deliver 
program. This could cause a performance lose.


Here is a brief summary of what I did:

I installed cyrus-imapd2 through FreeBSD ports tree. I specified 
WITH_BDB_VER=41 and WITH_SKIPLIST=YES. I then configured my cyrus.conf and 
imapd.conf the way I liked, then ran /usr/local/cyrus/bin/mkimap. (Dont 
forget to add a line to /etc/rc.conf to have cyrus start on boot as well as 
edit /etc/services and add sieve.)

I did my way a bit differently. I made sure I could get SSL and TLS working 
with Cyrus first, then setup Postfix for smtp auth. The cyrus web site has 
some very good info on how to add SSL and TLS. I had zero problems with it.

When I installed Postfix, I tested installing through the ports tree as 
well. I just made sure to specify I wanted to use SASL and TLS. Once the 
build was completed, I added smtpd.conf to /usr/local/lib/sasl2, containing:

pwcheck_method: auxprop

Add your config options to for SASL and TLS.

I would check your port install of cyrus. That is the first problem I could 

Hope this helps.


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