CyrusImapd+sasldb+postfix+smtpauth ...

Fred Gravel mindedsmasher at
Fri Jan 23 17:48:49 EST 2004

Hi Jason,
thanks for your reply... :) Don't forget to mail me your installation story, 
problems, success...

>>I did install cyrus-imapd from /usr/ports/mail using the default make 
>>options... Without errors...
>This could be a problem. If I remember, that version in 
>/usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd is an older version. I build cyrus using the 
>port in /usr/ports/mail/cyrus-imapd2. You may wanna check into this.

i will install salsdb2 and cyrus-imapd2 and uninstall salsdb and 

>For my pwcheck_method, im using auxprop. Could be the version of cyrus you 
>are running though.
Yeah, auxprop is when you're using salsdb 2 with the cyrusimapd2...
I'll install both...

>If you are running both cyrus and postfix on the same server, I would 
>recommend using lmtp for delivery. I have had zero problems with this 
>method so far, and it is much faster. As if you specify mailbox_transport = 
>cyrus, it will look in for cyrus, which envokes the deliver 
>program. This could cause a performance lose.
Great... that info is important for me... Both are running on the same 

>Hope this helps.

I'm sure it will help... i'm going to try your planned setup next monday and 
let you know as soon as possible since it could help you too if you got some 

Fred Gravel

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