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Kendrick Vargas ken at hudat.com
Tue Jan 27 20:22:35 EST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004, Adam Gover wrote:

> Im not too sure if this is the correct list for this or not so please
> excuse me if I have misdirected this.
> Im in the process of migrating my departments internal mail system to a
> cyrus/postfix combo.  Our current system is simply using /etc/shadow &
> /etc/passwd for authentication/user lookup at this point I am not aware
> of a simple method to obtain the users current passwords as such I need
> to arrange a way for users to update passwords.
> Since my team really doesn't have the resources (or time) to field the
> 200-300 calls for users attempting to change passwords I was wondering
> if anyone has run across a web based password change tool that will work
> with my setup (web-cyradm I don't think will work).  I have looked
> around but as of yet I have not seen anything that will allow this.

Well, I wrote my own. Basically I migrated my /etc/passwd+shadow to a
mysql database. The migration was probably easier for me (~30 users) than
it would be for you. Then I set up cyrus-sasl to auth against mysql.
Writing a php script to handle changing users' passwords was very easy. If
you don't feel comfortable doing that, you could look into imp-4's
modules. IMP v4 which is in CVS has a whole buncha modules along side it
which basically make it the perfect account administration interface,
including password change. Would anyone (off the top of their heads) know
how close they are to releasing?

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