New rpms of Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.3

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Fri Jan 30 10:37:49 EST 2004

> We used to say that the only dumb question is the one
> that's not asked.  But that doesn't keep me from
> feeling that way sometimes.
> Could someone please help me with steps 9 and 10 of
> Simon's install howto:
> I think we're talking about setting the cyrus password

If you installed the cyrus-imapd rpms and didn't change anything,
cyrus-imapd will use saslauthd->pam/system-auth for authentication. This
means that on a default RedHat install where users are stored in
/etc/passwd * /etc/shadow, you'll have to set a password for the cyrus
unix user. Try:

passwd cyrus

If you're using postfix, you'll have put someting like this in
/etc/postfix/ to let postfix deliver mail to cyrus-imapd via lmtp:

mailbox_transport = lmtp:unix:/var/lib/imap/socket/lmtp

If you're using sendmail, I can't help you but I know people on this list
know exactly how to configure it for cyrus-imapd.


> in  SASL, but I'm not sure how, and #10 is also new to
> me.  I've searched docs and the web and cyrus and sasl
> lists and don't have clear answers  in a timely
> fashion.
> Please bear with me in my learning process, and thanks
> for helping me speed it up a bit. (Time is money!)
> David S. Brown
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