New rpms of Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.3

David Brown dbrowng1 at
Fri Jan 30 11:11:38 EST 2004

Ok, this makes sense, thanks Mark.  I've worked
through this when trying to install from source
(unsuccessful as well till now).

But I still can't get through the howto list. 
Everything seemed ok until step 7.  I started
saslauthd, but I don't have any file at
/etc/sysconfig/saslauthd and have had no occasion to
write one.  Does "as needed" mean I should create one,
and what should it say?

Then I went ahead and tried to start imap with step
11, and I get the error: "cyrus-imapd: unrecognized

I don't mean to skip around and I want to be thorough,
but it's not working for me.  I would appreciate any
more clarification.


--- Mark London <mrl at> wrote:
> >Could someone please help me with steps 9 and 10 of
> >Simon's install howto:
> >
> >I think we're talking about setting the cyrus
> password
> >in  SASL, but I'm not sure how, and #10 is also new
> to
> >me.  I've searched docs and the web and cyrus and
> sasl
> >lists and don't have clear answers  in a timely
> >fashion.
> Set the cyrus password by simply using passwd,
> assuming that's how 
> you set the passwords on your system.
> 10) Make sure your MTA delivers to Cyrus IMAPd, I
> recommend LMTP for this.
> This simply means that you have to properly set up
> sendmail (or 
> whatever) to properly talk to Cyrus, i.e. to talk to
> /var/imap/socket/lmtp

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