Logwatch script for Cyrus and resulting questions

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Thu Jan 29 10:05:30 EST 2004


we're finally going live with our HA cluster based on RedHat AS 2.1. It 
took us almost two years to get the system stable, due mostly to software 
issues in Linux. Now I'm doing some final preparation and as part of that 
I'm creating a script for logwatch (see www.logwatch.org). My script is for 
logwatch 4.3.1, but I guess it'll work with other versions as well. I'll 
share the script once it's been in use for a few days.

Does anybody else use logwatch with Cyrus? I'd be interested in what others 
do ...

Anyway, I've got a question as a result of the output:

     Number of logins: 184
        ... using LOGIN: 61
        ... using NTLM: 3
        ... using APOP: 16
        ... using plaintext+TLS: 68
        ... using CRAM-MD5: 14
        ... using PLAIN: 22

     Number of logins: 182
        ... using CRAM-MD5+TLS: 31
        ... using PLAIN+TLS: 5
        ... using NTLM: 2
        ... using plaintext+TLS: 31
        ... using CRAM-MD5: 97
        ... using plain+TLS: 3
        ... using DIGEST-MD5: 13

I think I know what the difference between PLAIN and plain is (the first is 
a proper SASL mechanism, the latter isn't), but what's plaintext and why is 
it the only mechanism that doesn't log "User logged in"?

Cheers, Sebastian Hagedorn
Sebastian Hagedorn M.A. - RZKR-R1 (Gebäude 52), Zimmer 18
Zentrum für angewandte Informatik - Universitätsweiter Service RRZK
Universität zu Köln / Cologne University - Tel. +49-221-478-5587
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