Antivirus solution

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Fri Jan 30 08:04:57 EST 2004

Zitat von Allister Gearon <al at>:

> Thanks for your reply,
>     I assumed that if incoming email was to be scanned the antivirus/spam
> program would have to catch it after Fetchmail has downloaded the mail from
> the ISP, or during Cyrus' processing of the mail to local mailboxes (I am
> using lmtp which uses cyrus's deliver daemon for local delivery).  As I
> understood postfix only comes into the picture when sending mail, either
> locally or externally.
>     Have I got the wrong end of the stick?
> Thanks
> Al

Fetchmail should be configured to inject the mail via local MTA eg. by SMTP to
localhost or invoking the "sendmail" command. This way your MTA is able to scan
the mail. The normal way is that the MTA is responsible for sending and
reciveiving mail, fetchmail is some special case in this picture.



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