Antivirus solution

Kendrick Vargas ken at
Fri Jan 30 10:23:23 EST 2004

Amavis-NG or even amavis-new. Something that'll do SMTP filtering. Then,
set "content_filter = smtp:localhost:10025" somewhere in the main
configuration, and set up a listener on localhost 10026 to receive mail
back, but force it not to have a content filter. Anyways, this is all well
documented somewhere in the documentation for postfix :-)

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004 lst_hoe01 at wrote:

> Zitat von Allister Gearon <al at>:
> > Thanks for your reply,
> >     I assumed that if incoming email was to be scanned the antivirus/spam
> > program would have to catch it after Fetchmail has downloaded the mail from
> > the ISP, or during Cyrus' processing of the mail to local mailboxes (I am
> > using lmtp which uses cyrus's deliver daemon for local delivery).  As I
> > understood postfix only comes into the picture when sending mail, either
> > locally or externally.
> >     Have I got the wrong end of the stick?
> > Thanks
> > Al
> Fetchmail should be configured to inject the mail via local MTA eg. by SMTP to
> localhost or invoking the "sendmail" command. This way your MTA is able to scan
> the mail. The normal way is that the MTA is responsible for sending and
> reciveiving mail, fetchmail is some special case in this picture.
> Regards
> Andreas

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