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Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Jan 30 12:57:10 EST 2004

Jason Williams wrote:

> Morning everyone,
> I've been working on implementing Bulletin Boards over here for our 
> company which will allow our users to be able to "share" a folder and 
> post/move messages into the folder for other users to view.
> Creating the actual mailbox is no problem. The question lies when 
> assigning the ACL's to the mailbox in order to allow users to view and 
> post to the mailbox/bulletin board.
> For example, I did the following:
> I created a mailbox:
> user.loanofficers
> and
> user.loanofficers.announce

First off, is there a reason why you are using a personal mailbox as a 
bulletin board?  Is there actually a loanofficer user?  If not, you 
could just create loanofficers.announce (notice the lack of user.)

> I then proceeded to setup my acl's.
> I added:
> anyone lr
> and
> jwilliams p
> Which, from what I thought, would allow anyone the ability to list and 
> read and the user jwilliams the ability to post.
> Well, it didn't work out that way.
> When I was trying to post to the list, even though my MTA showed it 
> being delivered to the mailbox, the user jwilliams could not view it in 
> his mozilla client.
> After playing with the ACL's a bit, the only way I could get the user 
> jwilliams to be able to see messages and post messages to 
> user.loanofficer.announce was to set the following acl's:
> anyone lrp
> I completely removed the acl's for the my account (jwilliams). Once I 
> did that, I was able to see the messages and post to the list.
> Now, my question is why are the acl's not working for the user 
> jwilliams? That account does exist in the sasldb2.

The ACL for jwilliams will only work if the MTA authenticates to lmtpd 
(or passes the AUTH= keyword) as jwilliams, otherwise lmtpd assumes that 
the user is anonymous.

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