need help with noselect

Joao Pedras jpedras at
Fri Jan 30 15:48:01 EST 2004


thanks for you prompt reply. :)

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Joao Pedras wrote:
>> Also... :)
>> A reconstruct doesn't seem to find the mailbox:
>> %reconstruct general
>> general: Mailbox does not exist
> The mailbox doesn't exist in mailboxes.db.

That's bad.

>> The folder does exit under the mail partition. I get the same error 
>> when trying to list
>> the box or its ACL in cyradm.
> It exists, because it has submailboxes.  Do any cyrus.* files exist in 
> general/?

They don't.

> My guess is either the mailbox has never existed, or was deleted 
> (hence the \Noselect)

I was afraid that was the cause of this mess.

Do you have any sugestions?

I was thinking of creating a new box, copy all the stuff there 
(messages, sub-boxes and their messages)
and then run a 'reconstruct -r general'.

Thanks for your help.

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