proxyd and authenticating with the backend servers

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Mon Feb 2 12:32:14 EST 2004

On Tue, 27 Jan 2004 Iain_Gray at wrote:

> I can happily log in to the fe servers and see user mailboxes. Also I can
> log into the back end machines and retrieve mail . I can also deliver mail
> to the backend machines.
> What I am having trouble with is when I try and read any mailboxes from
> the front end machines then I get this error in the logs
> Jan 27 16:46:24 cetcb13-01-09 proxyd[5356]: login:
>[] bigbigray plaintext+TLS
> Jan 27 16:46:26 cetcb13-01-09 proxyd[5356]: couldn't authenticate to
> backend server: no mechanism available
> S: * OK cetcb09-01-09 Cyrus IMAP4 v2.1.16-Invoca-RPM-2.1.16-6 server ready

2.1's proxyd can't do TLS logins to the backends.  You need to use
DIGEST-MD5 to authenticate to the backends *or* upgrade to 2.2.


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