Automatic archival and expiration of messages?

Mark London mrl at
Sun Feb 1 11:20:05 EST 2004

Thanks.  I want to do this for users here who don't have time to trim 
down their INBOX, but who complain how their computer gets tied up 
every a rsync of the INBOX.  For these people, it would nice if INBOX 
only stored the last few months worth of messages.  Time to do some 
research into Perl scripts, I guess!

At 9:28 AM -0500 2/1/04, Ken Murchison wrote:
>Mark London wrote:
>>In order to keep INBOX to a reasonable size, I would like to set up 
>>an automatic system that would automatically move old messages from 
>>INBOX to another folder.  Any suggestions? Thanks. -  Mark
>There isn't any Cyrus utility to do this (ipurge is the closest), so 
>you're best bet is to write a Perl script that uses the following 
>IMAP commands:
>SELECT inbox
>COPY <seq> <mbox>
>STORE <seq> +flags \deleted
>Of course, you'll have to check the Perl module and/or RFC 3501 for 
>the correct syntax.
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