Kill this thread, it shouldn't have been one ( was: Re: CYRUS = ....)

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Tue Feb 3 09:53:01 EST 2004

The message did deserve a response; however, the tone of the message could
have been more polite. Unlike David I let my jets cool before I fired off a
message to the list, but I was indeed angry. 

    The problem with Freeware is that most times the documents that
accompany the software severely lack any substance.  This software does
exactly what I expect a Mail Package to do in this day of Virtual Domains;
however, the process to get there was less then desirable.

    I had asked several stupid questions on the list because I couldn't find
a stupid answer and I didn't get a single response.  It took digging through
the archives and piecing together a solution. A solution that came mainly
from guessing.  Luckily I don't need to answer to a higher power so I had
plenty of time to get this working.  Perhaps David did not have the luxury
of time.  How much time would it have taken for someone to answer my stupid
questions or his?  Even if it was to tell us where to find the answer it
would have better then silence.

I did mention the Documents could use a bit more polish, and Ken has asked
me to update the documents with the issues I had and how I overcame them. I
will do this, and I challenge each of you to do the same thing.  

If these solutions were put into print or FAQ format then perhaps David
wouldn't have to be so angry and the stupid questions that nobody wants to
answer will have a place to be sent.

I for one would love to be able to use a SQL like MySQL to backend this
software.  I don't have a problem with Berkeley DB, but I know MySQL,
Oracle, and Postgres to whole lot better.  If I knew which routines actually
did the database work I don't think I'd have much trouble converting them to
use an SQL.  It would save me a ton of time if these routines were

My $.02 for what it's worth!!!

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> The top-class idiotic mail from a "David Grant" deserved no 
> response or at 
> least not any polite one.
> Naturally I appreciate those bringing any relevant 
> information, but do 
> change the subject line, please.
> The incredible amount of work put into the free applications 
> so many people 
> benefit from deserves the deepest respect. Letters and 
> persons with the 
> tone of David Grant deserves the opposite.

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