Kill this thread, it shouldn't have been one ( was: Re: CYRUS = ....)

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Feb 3 11:01:40 EST 2004

Peter P. Benac wrote:
> The message did deserve a response; however, the tone of the message could
> have been more polite. Unlike David I let my jets cool before I fired off a
> message to the list, but I was indeed angry. 
>     The problem with Freeware is that most times the documents that
> accompany the software severely lack any substance.  This software does
> exactly what I expect a Mail Package to do in this day of Virtual Domains;
> however, the process to get there was less then desirable.
>     I had asked several stupid questions on the list because I couldn't find
> a stupid answer and I didn't get a single response.  It took digging through
> the archives and piecing together a solution. A solution that came mainly
> from guessing.  Luckily I don't need to answer to a higher power so I had
> plenty of time to get this working.  Perhaps David did not have the luxury
> of time.  How much time would it have taken for someone to answer my stupid
> questions or his?  Even if it was to tell us where to find the answer it
> would have better then silence.

Actually, I did answer David's questions both online and offline.  His 
biggest program was that he was/is trying to fit a square peg into a 
round hole.  I don't know where he got the impression that he could use 
MySQL to back Cyrus, but that was his first mistake.

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