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Oliver Jones oliver at
Tue Feb 3 21:16:44 EST 2004

I'm afraid I have to concur with this.  The documentation for Cyrus is
very bad.  Much of what I have ever done with Cyrus has been constructed
with guess work, trial and error, and browsing the mailing list archives
or asking stupid questions on the list.  What documentation is available
for Cyrus is badly organised, too terse, or very out of date.

The Cyrus IMAP system is very powerful and very helpful and I'm
extremely glad that it exists and is Open Source software.  In a way
Cyrus seems to be like one of those "secret" tools that only the email
Guru's know about and keep secret in fear that their secret will somehow
slip out.

I think we as a community of users need to pick up the ball here, the
guys at ASG have given us something for nothing and we need to take a
more proactive role in creating a good support community around it.  The
seeds of a great OpenSource project are there.  They are just not well
organised.  There is no unifying force to gravitate towards.  We have
things like the Wiki, Simon Matter's RPMS, this mailing list etc.  These
are all fundamental building blocks upon which to build.

Although the guys as ASG might not agree but I think it is about time
that Cryus got it's own domain name. is free.  I'm
more than happy to donate some of my own time and money to register this
domain name, and setup some software etc on my webserver for use by the
Cyrus community if it is needed.

Who else out there that feels the same way I do?


>     The problem with Freeware is that most times the documents that
> accompany the software severely lack any substance.  This software does
> exactly what I expect a Mail Package to do in this day of Virtual Domains;
> however, the process to get there was less then desirable.

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