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Joe Hrbek jhrbek-cyrus at
Wed Feb 4 10:47:53 EST 2004

>Although the guys as ASG might not agree but I think it is about time that Cryus got it's own domain
>name. is free.  I'm more than happy to donate some of my own time and money to 
>register this domain name, and setup some software etc on my webserver for use by the Cyrus community if 
>it is needed.

I think this would be cool, but I think the current cyrus wiki could accomplish the same.  I think that users can send documents for submission to the wiki to the list and then rob or ken puts it up, assuming it's valid.

Then again, I like the way the php documentation site is layed out, users can post comments, etc.  That would be super helpful for a lot of people I think.


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