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James A. Pattie james at pcxperience.com
Wed Feb 4 11:46:22 EST 2004

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Rob Siemborski wrote:
| On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Joe Hrbek wrote:
|>>Although the guys as ASG might not agree but I think it is about time that
Cyrus got it's own domain
|>>name.  www.cyrusimap.org is free.  I'm more than happy to donate some of my
own time and money to
|>>register this domain name, and setup some software etc on my webserver for
use by the Cyrus community if
|>>it is needed.
|>I think this would be cool, but I think the current Cyrus wiki could
|>accomplish the same.  I think that users can send documents for
|>submission to the wiki to the list and then rob or ken puts it up,
|>assuming it's valid.
| Actually, anonymous users can post directly to the wiki.
|>Then again, I like the way the php documentation site is layed out,
|>users can post comments, etc.  That would be super helpful for a lot of
|>people I think.
| You can do this on the wiki.
| I guess I have a few questions for those who think that setting up another
| support site has merit (I'll note that Cyrus-Utils did this a while ago,
| and there hasn't been much activity there in a long time).

| - Is it reasonable to be sending new subscribers some block of text / urls
| / etc ?  If so, what ?

links to the FAQ, mailing list archives, the wiki

| - Should we put a banner in the mailing list archives to point at the wiki
| (and FAQ)?  Perhaps a banner at the bottom of each message with a link and
| unsubscribe instructions?

that would be very helpful. :)

adding a redirect from cyrusimap.org to the current site would also be helpful.
~ For example, the MailScanner project is hosted on some uk university and I
could never remember the url, but when he also setup www.mailscanner.info and
had it redirect to the real site, getting there is much easier and when you want
to tell people about the project it sticks more in their heads when the project
name is part of the hostname (at least I find this to be true).

just my .02

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