PERL IMAP client module

Rob Mueller robm at
Tue Feb 3 23:06:32 EST 2004

A while ago I wrote an IMAP client interface in PERL for a project I was
working on. At the time I looked at Net::IMAP, Mail::IMAPClient and
Mail::Cclient, but they all had problems that made them annoying in some way
(broken literals in envelopes, non-structured bodystructure responses, etc).
Most of those modules have now improved to deal with the issues I had at the
time, so this module is now a bit redundant.

Anyway, the result of my work was Mail::IMAPTalk (yes, silly name), which
basically did everything I wanted. I'm not sure if other people will find it
useful, but I decided it was about time I released it to CPAN, so feel free
to take a look and compare it to the other modules to see if it fits your


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