master segfaults on Solaris 9

Hans Engren hans at
Wed Feb 4 05:05:02 EST 2004

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Markus Wernig wrote:

| Below are the last lines of "truss -f /usr/cyrus/bin/master". This ends
| in the segfault. The complete output can be found at

Going through your truss file above seem to hint that you should have a
closer look at /etc/group and /etc/services - for starters. Has any of
these files been altered or modified by the installation scripts for
your patch cluster that could inflict on the permissions for cyrus? Did
it possibly remove the "cyrus" group, or add some other group with the
same gid?

Also, I do take for granted that you have rebooted your system after
applying the patches. Some, or at times even many, of the patches
located in the Recommended cluster from SUN contains kernel patches, and
not rebooting your system after applying these patches could cause your
system to act in a way nobody wants it to. :-)

To help debug this problem a bit better, it would be great if you also
could provide the relevant parts of your syslog (dmesg ?) that refers to
you starting the master.

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