master segfaults on Solaris 9

Markus Wernig listener at
Wed Feb 4 06:58:27 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 11:05, Hans Engren wrote:

> Going through your truss file above seem to hint that you should have a
> closer look at /etc/group and /etc/services [...]
> Also, I do take for granted that you have rebooted your system [...]
> To help debug this problem a bit better, it would be great if you also
> could provide the relevant parts of your syslog (dmesg ?) that refers to
> you starting the master.


The /etc files are ok, the box has been rebooted, and there is nothing
in syslog at start time.

I have uploaded a more complete truss file (truss -u *:*:*
/usr/cyrus/bin/master) to, which shows all
library calls as well as the system calls.

thanks for the help

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