folder pointing to another IMAP server?

Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Thu Feb 5 13:04:49 EST 2004


I don't think you've really given us enough information.
Are both servers cyrus? I understand from your posting that
at least one will be.

I have multiple servers configured in my email client ( Mozilla )
but they are all cyrus. That shouldn't be a requirement however.
The drawback for most people will be how to configure their email 
program to do this, ie, its a user/client education issue. Connecting to 
two or more mail servers with one client program may confuse some

We usually move peoples mail when setting putting their account
on a new server. There is a short interruption in their accounts
ability to recieve mail and thier ability to read it. Letting people 
know what is going on however greatly mitigates questions and concerns.

Earl Shannon

Michael Bartosh wrote:
> <OK I've posted this twice now but I haven't seen it go across the list...
> I apologize if it is and I'm spamming... Please notify me off-list if so.>
> Is it feasible in cyrus to have a special folder that points to an inbox 
> on another server? I'd like to do this to facilitate transition to a 
> cyrus server, allowing users to manually move their mail to the new 
> server if they prefer.
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