cyradm and salsdb2 ?

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Subject: cyradm and salsdb2 ?

> Hi guys,
> I need help with my setup...
> I want to use cyrus-imapd with salsdb2 and Postfix with smtp auth using
> sasldb2 too...
> The postfix stmp auth is working... A created user: test, is able to send
> email remotly...
> So... i tried to send mail to that user...
> <test at>: User unknown in local recipient table;
> ( i think i know how to fix it... )
> I tried a real user of that system...
> <fred at>:data format error. Command output: fred: Mailbox does not
>     exist
> I wanted to use cyradm... to create the mailbox...
> #cyradm --user cyrus --auth login localhost
> IMAP Password:

I got the same problem : you don't have launched saslauthd daemon although
you can list users and create password.
So you cannot authenticate using saslauthd or auxprop + sasldb like you
propably configured in your imapd.conf.
So /etc/init.d/saslauthd start will probably fix this.

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