How-To use Virtual Domains?

Stefan Nitz cyrus-imap at
Thu Feb 5 06:17:21 EST 2004

dear listeners,
Am Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2004 08:01 schrieb Torsten E.:
> I'm using postfix & cyrus (2.0.16), and postfix "handles" two domains now.
> Is there a way to use cyrus with two domains, too?
>     [...]
> But this structure is for all users, so there can't be user-a in domain-1
> and domain-2 ..... and I'd like to separate it for the two domains, so
> postfix would "forward" incoming mails correctly.
I'm using pf 2.0.16 with cyrus-imap 2.1.15. postfix translate with its virtual 
table the user1 at domain.tld -> user1_domain_tld ... .
In cyrus i create accounts like user1_domain_tld ... . This way i'm supporting 
serveral domains.

BTW maybe we should have a look at cyrus-imap 2.2.3, because of its new 
virtual domain support ;-)

peace & luck

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